Victor Popov

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CV Victor Popov

1952 Born in Kazakhstan
1974-1979 Study of art at the Academy of Applied Arts in Lvov, Ukraine.
1980-84 Nowosibirsk, 1985-91 Sankt-Petersburg: Development of his individual style which included both
fantastic- realistic components and elements of caricature.
Independent work as free-lance artist with presentations of his art in national and international exhibitions.
1991 Emigration to Germany, Düsseldorf which since then has become the centre of his creative and private life.

Portrait Victor Popov
Russian State Museum, Museum Ludwig, St. Petersburg/Russia

1989 Manegeue, St. Petersburg/Russia;
1990 Art Gallery \”Terseus\”, Stockholm/Sweden;
1990 Museum of History, St. Petersburg/Russia;
1991 Municipal Museum Nagoja/Japan;
1991 Seoul, Korea, Groupexhibition (museum)
1992 Gallery Kontraste, Düsseldorf/Germany;
1994 Participient at the International Symposium of Wood Sculptors at the Open-Air Museum, Kommern/Germany
1998 East-West-Bridge, Frankfurt/Germany;
1998 Gallery Forum, Weimar/Germany;
1999 Taking Leave from the 20th Century, Düsseldorf/Germany;
2000 Christo nell arte russa, San Marino Italy;(catalogue)
2001 Maui Hawaii Gerard Marti\\\”Celebrities Gallery
2001-2002 The Russian Museum Abstracts of the 20th. Century,(catalogue)
St. Petersburg/Russia;
2002 Care art Festival, Luxemburg;
2003 Art Club Gütersloh, Objects Sculptures, Gütersloh/Germany;
2004 Tivat Montenegro, Opening of the Museum and Presentation of the Collection, Düsseldorf (catalogue)
2005.House of Art Oggersheim.Ludwigshafen/Germany
2005 Victor Popov, Russian State Museum, Museum Ludwig, St. Petersburg/Russia;(catalogue)
2006.Works of the Sea, Moers Kapellen/Germany
2007 Evian, Poetry of the Water in Russian Art, Palais Lumiere with Russian State .Museum;(catalogue)
2008 The Power of the Water, Russian State Museum, St.Petersburg/Russia;(catalogue)
2008 New Artists New Works of Art New Gallery, Gallery Viktor Gray, Düsseldorf/Germany.
2008.City of t Meerbusch/Germany. Sculptures, Paintings.
2008 Italy. Armonia International Foundation of Arts,Gaeta.(catalogue)
2009.Fantastic Reality.Paintings and Objects. Gallery Seestrasse, Berlingen/Suisse
2009.Bad Breisig/Germany,Water. (catalogue)
2010.SKY (Clouds) Russia State Museum, St.Petersburg(catalogue)
2011.Municipal Gallery in the Park, Viersen/Germany,”Playground Art”(catalogue)
2011.Russia Heite.Zurich ,Gallery Nadja Brykina (catalogue)
2011.Oldenzaal Niederlande Museum Het Palthe-Huis,Markstsraat 13. 26.11.2011-8.01.12
2011.Fondi Palas Caitano.22.12.2011-30.01.2012.Russian Contemporary Art.1950-2011(catalogue)
2012.Rom.Palazzo Gil .Russian Contemporary Art.1950-2011(catalogue)
2012.EcoArt Frankfurt.
2012-13.House of Art-Oggersheim/Germany
2013.Bocholt/Germany,.Gallery Freyer.
2013.Works of the Sea, Moers/Germany.
2014.euroasia gallery von Massow, Cologne/Germqny
2014.Zürich-Zimikon.objects and painting.
2015.Gallery Kellermann. Art as Bridge between East and West
Art Fairs
1998 Art-Expo, New-York Gallery Art, Miami/USA;
2005 Cologne Fine Art, Cologne/Germany.
2009.Huntenkunst,Doetinchem, The Netherlands