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Photoartist Jochen Rolfes

The photo artist Jochen Rolfes develops his picture ideas with digital High-End Photography and professional light control. The advertising and corporate photographer has been working exclusively with people as objects for 20 years.

His forte – to stage people naturally – combined with the easy arrangement and the completion of the photos with accentuated brilliance, creates a unique effect.

Jochen Rolfes is in great demand by highbrow clients in advertising, business and by magazines.


Artist Jürgen Weber

The artist Jürgen Weber has developed a form language for his sculptures, objects, instalments and Bodyart sessions which remind one of archaic times.

His world of ideas is erotic and surreal, he works with various materials and combines these with varying shapes and subjects to create a unique esthetical effect.
Colour combination, structural elements and stencils join together to produce a 3-dimensional effect which has been improved on over the years.

Jürgen Weber works freelance and is in demand world wide by advertising agencies, business companies and public establishments.


The photo artist Jochen Rolfes and the artist Jürgen Weber have been working together since 2010 on Bodymerge, their joint project. Photos are created out of doors, in studios and in exceptional places.The theme “Integration” plays an important role in their work. The models absorb colour, shape and structure of their surroundings in such a way that they seem, in a surreal manner, to blend into their environment. This blending in is made possible by the painting of the models with monitor pictures. The camera view finder is projected onto a monitor so that the model can be integrated from a definite viewing angle and in this way an exact viewing point for the observer is defined.

The basic idea for the individual motives is developed during intensive discussion between the two artists. The combination of Jürgen Weber’s experience as a sculptor, painter and designer and Jochen Rolfes’ photographic eye for photo construction and design as well as position and body language of the models, provides the decisive, cognitive moment for the creation of the photos.


2010 „Sky in Art” Staatlich-Russisches Museum / Museum Ludwig, St. Petersburg, Russland
2011 „Biennale Wasser“, Bad Breisig, Deutschland
Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle, Mönchengladbach, Deutschland
2012 „Freigang: Kunst im Knast“ JVA Düsseldorf, Deutschland
„Salon 21“, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
2013 „The New Yorker“, Köln, Deutschland
„Kunst im Bunker“, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Galerie Görtz-Höfe, Berlin, Deutschland
Radisson, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
BMW, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Romaneum, Neuss, Deutschland
IFA, Berlin, Deutschland
2014 Art in Business WILHELM, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Galerie SAMADHI, Neuss, Deutschland
Kunsthalle Sao Paulo, Brasilien
Kunsthalle Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
Staatliches Museum Belo Horizonte, Brasilien
Galerie Czarsbon, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Galerie Kellermann, Düsseldorf, Deutschland


Works in private and public ownership.

Collection Ludwig of National Russian Museums St. Petersburg.

Collection Joseph Kiblitsky.

Numerous publications in print and TV.